Monıtor your electrıc vehıcle batterıes.

Reduce your battery maintenance costs.

BatteLLIGENCE cloud platform helps EV manufacturers and fleet owners monitor their vehicle batteries. With AI-based algorithms, we estimate the current battery capacity precisely, forecast possible failures ahead of time and reduce battery maintenance costs up to 30%.

We provıde

Battery State of Health

2% precision with our proprietary AI model

Remaining Useful Life

4% precision with our proprietary AI model

Failure Forecasting

Predictive maintenance and mobile warning system

Battery Health Report

Automatic expert evaluation for secondhand sales and insurance appraisal

Big Data Analytics

Time series machine learning forecasting

Cloud Platform

Follow your electric cars, busses and motorcycles via web or mobile

BatteLLIGENCE is an AI-powered cloud platform serving EV and battery manufacturers as well as end users for battery health monitoring and reporting.


What we do:

The cost of batteries in EVs are as high as up to 40% of the total cost of an electric car. This places batteries at the focus of all EV technologies. Batteries need to be replaced when the state of health (capacity) of the batteries fall below 80% or if they show signs of potential failure.

BatteLLIGENCE platform collects on the cloud the data streaming from your vehicle’s batteries and it monitors health and safety of your batteries with its AI-based battery health models. The platform forecasts possible failures ahead of time and sends alerts to the customer’s mobile device.

Contact us:

İTÜ Çekirdek, İTÜ Maslak Kampüsü, İTÜ ARI Teknokent 3 Binası, No:4/B204, Sarıyer, İstanbul